Driftwood Dairy Web Ordering System Instructions

Click here for Online Set-Up instructions.

Click here for Online Ordering instruction.

Click here or paste this URL into your browser:
First time users will have to register with the system.

Note: Please make sure to “Allow pop‐ps” for this site. Also, the TAB key is preferred in moving from field to field in the system.

To register with the system you will need your account number and a valid email address. You can choose a User Name (no more than 10 characters) and Password (must be at least 6 characters).

Upon submitting this registration you will receive an email at the email address used for the registration, confirming the registration.

Sign on to the Web Ordering System, using your User Name and Password.
The first screen that you will see will show your delivery schedule and indicate if you have any orders in the system already.

(Note: There will be a cut-off time for orders entered on-line and for obvious reasons it will be imperative, and strictly enforced, that orders be entered prior to that time).

You will have the ability to change orders already in the system provided that the cut-off time for that order has not been reached. Your order cut-off time will be indicated on this screen.

New Order: Click on the New Order area to create an order.

When creating a new order, simply enter in the number of units you want delivered.

After entering the desired order quantities click on the Submit Order button.

Order Summary: Clicking on the Print button will open a new window.
This is your order summary for this particular order.

You can print this page or save it to your computer as a PDF file.

Add Products: While in the order screen there is an option to Add Products.

  • Clicking on this option will open a new screen.
  • Choose the appropriate Product Category and the Available Products will appear.
  • Check the box next to the products you wish to order.
  • Then click Add Selected at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will move them from the left side of the screen to the right side.
  • Once all of the products have been selected, click on the Submit button.
    You will then be returned to the order screen and your selected products will be highlighted.
  • Enter the quantity to be ordered as normal. Then click on the Submit Order button.

Once you have completed your order, click on Log Off. You can go back in to the order at any time, prior to the order cut‐ff time, and modify or even void the order. You will receive an email confirmation any time you create, modify, or void an order.

If you encounter any difficulties with the system please call the regular customer service number – (800) 864 – MILK (6455).